Coup d’état: the Trump route proposed by Uribe for Colombia

Álvaro Uribe Vélez, former president of Colombia, is not a bad loser. It is simply past that he refuses to accept the present and future of a country that is fed up and already repudiates at the polls his way of acting and solving everything by force and with the use of violence, very much in the style of his infamous compatriot, Pablo Escobar Gaviria.

That is why, because of his voracity and impossibility of detachment from power, he dares today, on the verge of losing it at the polls, to openly propose ignorance of the results of the elections, that is, to promote a coup d’état that would mean something like setting the country on fire rather than leaving it in hands other than his own.

In front of the foregoing arises an inevitable question: does The administration Biden shares and you know something about the fracture institutional and democratic, and the coup d’état that, in the style of the ignorance of the results of the election in the united States did Donald Trump and today, as a formula, you are proposing to Colombia characters that in favor of the republican candidate dared to interfere in the presidential elections in american, as did Álvaro Uribe Vélez, and their co-religionists of the Democratic Center?

Beyond the personal friendship and affinity with political and ideological split between the uribista ambassador of Colombia in Washington, Juan Carlos Pinzón, and the legal advisor to the government Biden for the western hemisphere (Latin america) in the Council of National Security of the united States, the official of colombian origin, Juan Sebastian Gonzalez, the democratic administration should not be indifferent to what happens in Colombia and ignore him but speak out in defense of the freedoms and democracy.

At the U.S. Embassy in Bogota they must be perfectly aware and notified of what is happening in Colombia and what is intended to be done.

A government, highly questioned in the field of human rights and corruption, belonging to a political sector which has been in power since 2002 and controlled through their copartidarios and friends the Armed Forces and Police, the majorities in the Congress, the office of The Attorney General, The Attorney General of the Republic, the office of the Ombudsman, the Comptroller’s office, the National Electoral Council and to the National Registry of Civil Status, intended now, with the involvement and complicity of the mainstream media to re-ripped to shreds, no longer the peace process, but what is left of democracy in Colombia.

And is that even though it may seem implausible, the head of the Head of State in Colombia, from the utter loss of shame and of all forms of decency, dares to unveil already openly to their nature absolutely anti-democratic and tyrannical via the social network twitter by stating, in an invitation to the pathways of fact, that «you can not accept this result,» (the election) and inviting that «the authorities of the State» that are not as already said more than those coptadas by the fanaticism ideological his party proceed to the «to read… the inconsistencies of the vote counts» and to act.

From the same absurd logic and failed to invite the citizens to vote for the uribismo to save us of the current government uribista that the former president did elect under slogans such as «the who Says Uribe» and «Duke is the one that is» today is absurd that with all the power of the state under their control try to sell the idea of that could have happened to a fraud perpetrated by an opposition that had already been the victim of a fraud and interference against a drug trafficker in the elections of 2018.

In his deranged and delusional story, Uribe today intends to make us believe that his Registrar acted against all logic against those who elected him and put him in office, not precisely to provide guarantees of impartiality and transparency to the opposition. If «these elections leave all the distrust» it will not be due precisely to those who aspire just to be a government and are not yet.

If there are «E-14 full of blanks, amendments, (and) signatures that do not match» the explanation cannot be in those who do not make jury selection, but in those who unleashed a whole campaign of creeping stigmatization against those who historically acted as jurors, that is, against teachers, and then replace them with people related to the Democratic Center, which as has been evidenced in social networks, are not precisely characterized by their education, high levels of schooling and spelling. Interestingly, in times when teachers, apart from the role of jurors, acted, there were no problems and the «left» did not win.

But the height of effrontery of Uribe is cross out to millions of citizens in the great citizens as a part of the drug by not voting for their party and try to associate «the overwhelming vote of the Petrismo» with «drug trafficking», who believed him, under the government that benefited from the action of the drug trafficker «Ñeñe» Hernandez and they had the luxury to have untouchable ambassadors owners narcofincas in the vicinity of Bogota, to ship cocaine to the outside from the very El Dorado International Airport without the authorities to see or hear anything during the current government.


From this perspective, the United States cannot afford to remain silent in the face of this kind of ally that remembers and far surpasses former Panamanian President Manuel Antonio Noriega. Parliamentarians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez should take note and warn President Biden that the United States cannot allow that in Colombia, de facto, a political party that contaminated all institutions and disfigures the ideas of democracy and freedom continues to governv.